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Mavis is a ghost who loves to explore and enjoy nature. She has a special gift of communicating with animals and plants. She lives in the forest surrounding the crypt, she loves the fact that it is full of life and beauty. She is adventurous, friendly, and curious. 

* Likes - Hiking, camping, gardening and the feeling of moss beneath her feet.

* Dislikes - Being indoors, pollution and people being wasteful.

Mavis is looking for a loving and caring adopter who can provide her with a green and natural home. 

If you feel like you can provide the home Mavis needs, adopt her today!


Each ghost is one of a kind and handmade, housed in a 3.5cm glass dome, comes with an adoption certificate and is boxed for safe arrival. These ghosts are the smallest of our current Adopt a ghost range and are NOT toys - Please keep out of reach of children!

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