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Frank is also a ghost who loves to sing and enjoy old songs. He has a special passion for music from different eras and genres. He sings in a band that is composed of other musical ghosts. He is creative, expressive, and nostalgic. He is always looking for someone to share his music and passion.

* Likes to listen to music, write songs, and perform.

* Dislikes being silent, dull, or uninspired.

Frank is looking for a loving and caring adopter who can provide him with a stimulating and musical home.

If you feel like you can provide the home Frank needs, adopt him today!


Each ghost is one of a kind and handmade, housed in a 3.5cm glass dome, comes with an adoption certificate and is boxed for safe arrival. These ghosts are the smallest of our current Adopt a ghost range and are NOT toys - Please keep out of reach of children!

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